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Our Management Program

Our full service management plan is designed to cover all aspects of Association operations. The Management Company is responsible for conducting the day-to-day operations of your Association in a professional, efficient and ethical manner.

Our plan includes the following services to optimize the quality of life for your unit owners and residents.

Checking and savings accounts for each Association are maintained at the financial institutions of the Board’s choice, under the Association’s individual tax identification number.

I. Accounting And Financial

A.) Payables

1.] Scrutinize all invoices

2.] Issue all payment checks

3.] Detailed disbursement records

B.) Receivables

1.] Annual coupon books to all owners

2.] Posting receipts

3.] Maintain delinquency records

C.) Cash Management

1.] Checking account maintenance/reconciliation

2.] Track cash flow

3.] Investment management

D.) Reporting

1.] Monthly

a.) Income Statement

b.) Disbursement records

c.) Cash projections

d.) Variance analysis, income versus budget

2.] Annual

a.) Income Statement

b.) Balance Sheet

c.) Source and use of Cash

d.) Annual Budget

E.) Taxes

1.] Assist accountant in tax reporting

F.) Annual review

1.] Assist in year-end accounting review

G.) Wage and salary administration if applicable

1.] Review time sheets

2.] Maintain payroll service records

II. Planning

A.) Master event calendar

B.) Annual budget

C.) Long-range planning assistance

D.) Reserve fund study assistance

III. Common Area Repair And Maintenance

A.) Scheduled inspections

1.] Regular maintenance inspection

2.] Annual inspection roads, driveways, sidewalks

3.] Spring general inspection

4.] Fall general inspection

B.) Contract management

1.] Information gathering

2.] Specifications

3.] Negotiations

a.) Bidder list

b.) Bid solicitation

c.) Bid reconciliation

d.) Present recommendations

e.) Contract negotiations

4.] Notification and contract preparations

5.] Contract supervision and follow up

a.) Job inspections

b.) Problem resolution

6.] Maintain vendor files

C.) Emergency services

1.] Maintain 24-hour emergency service line

2.] Maintain approved emergency contractor list

3.] Follow up

IV. Administration

A.) Maintain resident roster

B.) Handle Association insurance claims

C.) Maintain vendor and contractor files

D). Printing and copying

E.) Communications

1.] Handle routine correspondence

2.] Prepare newsletter from supplied copy

3.] Prepare notices for meetings and events

4.] Assist in preparation of Rules and Information

V. Board Support

A.) Advise and counsel

B.) Information gathering

C.) Handle special projects and requests

D.) Board Meetings

1.] Prepare agenda

2.] Participation

3.] Follow up

E.) Annual Meetings

1.] Notification

2.] Location arrangements

3.] Participation

4.] Staff for sign-in as required

VI. Resident Relations

A.) Provide new resident information package

B.) Assist in rule enforcement

C.) Provide daily customer service

D.) Problem resolution

E.) Emergency response

F.) Follow up

VII. Legal

A.) Attorney liaison

B.) Process sale transfers

C.) Assist attorney in delinquency matters

You are welcome to visit our offices any time Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to meet the staff and view our facility. Further details on specific items and information can be obtained from our office. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment.